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The fundamental principles of racquet design haven't changed since the days of wooden racquets. In order to absorb ball impact energy and reduce ball rebound speed, high-tech composite racquets are designed to flex like wood. While a flexible frame can control ball rebound speed and provide degrees of comfort, it's inherently less accurate and less powerful than a stronger, stiffer and more stable frame. Simply put, the selection of a racquet has always required a compromise in the balance of power and control, until now.

BOLT has revolutionized the racquet by shifting control of ball rebound speed away from the frame and into a patented design called a Zipstrip. A Zipstrip is a spring-like string support that absorbs ball impact energy. Instead of the frame flexing to control ball rebound speed, the Zipstrip flexes. It enables every BOLT racquet frame to be solid and stable - designed for precision, accuracy, and control - at any level of power.

The best way to understand the incredible performance of a BOLT is to try one!

Zipstrip Technology

US Patent: 6971964

Perfected through years of research, patented Zipstrips are the core engineering innovation of a BOLT racquet. Zipstrips cooperate with the strings at ball impact to improve every aspect of racquet performance.

BOLT is a true control frame at all levels of power
The Zipstrip flexes to control ball rebound speed, allowing the frame to remain firm and powerful. For the first time ever on a high-performance racquet, ball rebound speed can be controlled even on a super stiff, powerful frame. This makes it possible to have optimum precision and control, with maximum power.
Consistently solid feel at contact
The entire string-bed of a BOLT racquet is responsive. There isn't a "sweet spot”, the whole string-bed is dynamic and alive.
Impact shock and vibration are practically eliminated
Zipstrips act as shock absorbers, responding to ball impact before forces are transmitted to the frame, not just dampening vibration after the fact like a conventional racquet.
Superior torsional stability on off-center contact
A Zipstrip increases the flexibility of the string near the frame edge to minimize twisting. While conventional racquets may resist torque, Zipstrips actually reduce the magnitude of the torque exerted on the frame.
Vastly increased dwell time over a conventional racquet
With a BOLT, most of the strings ride on a Zipstrip, not the frame. The Zipstrip acts like a suspension system that responds dynamically to ball impact. Depending on the string tension, the result is unmatched ball "pocketing" and spin potential.
Reduced string breakage
Zipstrips reduce stress in the string near the frame edge, where a powerful off-center ball impact can often break a perfectly good string.


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