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1. Can a BOLT racquet be strung like a typical racquet?  Is the stringing any different?
Yes, a BOLT racquet  can be strung just like a typical racquet. See Technical section for further information and string patterns.

2. Is a BOLT racquet stiff? Is it hard on my arm?
A BOLT racquet is extremely arm-friendly but it is generally stiff and powerful too. It’s true that typically a stiff racket is hard on a player, but BOLT racquets have Zipstrips, which function much like the suspension system on a car - impact shock and vibration are nearly eliminated.

3. How can a power racquet be a control racquet too?
A BOLT racquet is unique in this way. Every BOLT racquet provides great control and comfort with power too. The Zipstrips flex instead of the racquet, so every BOLT is solid and stable while the Zipstrips provide comfort and control ball rebound speed.

4. Can a Zipstrip wear out? What happens if it does?
A Zipstrip is made of the same carbon fiber composite material as the frame so it's very durable and will last essentially the same amount of time. Under extreme circumstances such as advanced tournament level training of 1000 - 1500 hours/year, the Zipstrip may lose some optimum performance characteristics, however it will very rarely wear out completely and will continue to function for the life of the racquet. A Zipstrip can be changed by any racquet stringer when the racquet is re-strung. Should the need arise, Zipstrips are available for purchase separately.
5. Can I string my BOLT with the same string and tension as my old racquet ?
Any type of string can be used in a BOLT racquet. In fact, a BOLT will generally improve the performance of any string type. Because a BOLT is more forgiving and inherently a softer response than a typical racquet, we recommend a tension 1 - 2.5 lbs tighter than the tension in your old racquet in order to achieve an equivalent ball rebound quality. For more specific string information, refer to the Technical section.

6. Can I demo/play-test a BOLT racquet? Is there a charge? How long can I
keep the demo racket?

Yes, you can demo up to 2 racquets at a time. There is a $4.00 charge per racquet, and a $20 demo fee. The $20 demo fee can be redeemed as a credit toward the purchase of a new BOLT. A valid credit card must accompany a demo order. The demo racquets must be returned to BOLT in 21 - 28 days from the delivery date.

7. How do I choose a BOLT racquet? Is it different from choosing a typical

Choosing a BOLT is very simple. It's essentially the same selection criteria and process you would use to select a conventional racquet. For recommendations and advice, go to the Blog.

8. How can I pay for my BOLT racquet? How long does it take to get my

You can pay for BOLT merchandise with a credit or debit card. We do not accept checks or PayPal at this time. Merchandise usually ships within 48 hours.

9. Can I buy a BOLT racquet from anywhere in the world?
You can order a new BOLT racquet for shipment to most large markets of the world. We do not ship demos internationally. In order to determine if we can reach you, simply go into the website and make your purchase. If the system can't meet your requirements, it will let you know that the order can't be fulfilled. If you’re outside of a BOLT shipping zone, send us an email at

10. Is a BOLT racquet  designed and approved for competitive play?
Absolutely. In fact, it’s designed specifically for competitive play. It conforms to all standards for sanctioned events.

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