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John Austin Heads Home to LA

Hall of Fame Tennis Club Director, former Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champion, BOLT brand ambassador, and native Californian John Austin, is headed "home"! As much as John has been a terrific fit for the fast grass at the Club in Newport, RI, he'll be an even better fit for the sunny skies and fast hardcourts of LA, near his childhood home.

It seems you can't take the California out of the kid, and he always felt that someday he'd go back. He was reminded how much he enjoys being near his family on a recent visit to LA and decided to make a move. For a top-notch professional like John, it wasn't difficult to land a position in the sunny locale. He took the reigns as Tennis Director of Mulholland Tennis Club on February 1 of this year.

We'll miss having John on the east coast, and we'll miss our special relationship with the Hall of Fame Tennis Club. The Club has been good to us and we can't thank them enough for the professional hospitality. It's been a blessing for BOLT to have it's chief brand ambassador at the historic club of Newport and we're grateful to John for all of his solid work there in helping to bring BOLT to the masses.

We wish John and his family all of the best in re-orienting to the west coast. Congratulations to Mulholland Tennis Center for landing themselves a terrific person and professional. We're excited for the new Director and for the MTC community and we're eager to lend our support in any way we can. - Brett Bothwell

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