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Adam Loves Teaching Tennis

Adam Slifkin is a man in his element. If we could make copies of him and plant them across the country to grow the game of tennis and help children love the sport, we would. Not because he uses a BOLT, but because he truly loves the game and has dedicated himself to sharing his affection for it with everyone he can, particularly kids. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Tennis is Adam's calling and, as the recently hired Director of Junior Programming at Cary Leeds Center in Bronx, NY, he’s able to connect with young players every day to help them navigate life and tennis.

Not every coach can work with juniors, or wants to for that matter. It’s a unique challenge. Coaching young players requires great patience and commitment. Authenticity is crucial. Kids can recognize a phony right away but, with Adam, they sense immediately that he’s all-in with his focus on them and to teaching them the game. He believes in the physical and emotional benefits afforded by tennis and wants to deliver that message to as many players as possible.

BOLT salutes Adam for his commitment to the game and young players. BOLT is equally committed to Adam and we wish him continued success in his mission to enrich kids' lives through tennis.


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