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BOLT Expands International Shipping

BOLT is pleased to announce an expansion of international shipping capacity. The global nature of tennis and persistent demand for BOLT racquets abroad makes an expansion of reach an easy decision. Tennis is in the midst of a worldwide "boom" and BOLT is well positioned to move with it, shipping product into many of the largest tennis markets in the world.

New BOLT racquets can be ordered online and shipped to most destinations in Europe and across the United Kingdom. New BOLTs can also be shipped to Canada, Australia, Japan, Greenland and limited destinations in South America including Argentina and Chile. Players everywhere can now enjoy the BOLT experience: power, control and comfort together!

(Unfortunately the economics for shipping demo samples internationally are unworkable at this time. It's unlikely to change anytime soon. Work is underway to add distribution points within the global network to make play-testing samples more accessible abroad. Sign up on the BOLT contact list for updates.)


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