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Feel the BOLT Difference Find Your Advantage

We get a steady stream of play-testing feedback from players through our nationwide tennis racquet demo program. Included with every demo that ships is a feedback form that makes it easy for people to share their thoughts on BOLT racquets. Feedback is an invaluable resource for us to learn from our customers, their honest reactions to our products and delivery, and about tennis players generally. We eagerly anticipate reviewing the forms that arrive with returned demos.

Sometimes a customer connects to their BOLT demo racquets in a special way, and we get feedback that stirs and inspires us to keep working even harder to make sure everyone in the tennis world knows what makes BOLT racquets different. A copy of just such a customer's feedback received this past month is included below. It comes from an advanced player play-testing the B98v2 and the B100v2. This player didn't simply report on the performance of the racquets, but also described his experience and the process he went through to understand and evaluate BOLT racquets to determine how a BOLT could help him in his game.

"Ed's" play-testing feedback represents a common discussion and experience among players trying a BOLT racquet for the first time. BOLT is supposed to feel different from a conventional racquet. BOLT racquets perform according to a new design paradigm that makes it possible to have power, comfort, and control working in unison in the same racquet, without sacrificing one for the other. To some players, the performance is so striking—nearly zero vibration and no impact shock—their first instinct may be to dismiss the advantages of a BOLT because it's unfamiliar. The initial uniqueness is an indication of real innovation, and sometimes the many layers of enhanced performance are not immediately understood. Even though "Ed's" first session didn't go so well, he stayed with it through a number of hitting sessions. He tried it in practice and in match play and once he felt something he liked, he went through all of his strokes to see how the racquet fit his game and hitting style. We hope players will respond like "Ed" did, dive deeper, and work through the initial unfamiliarity of the hitting experience to discover what the BOLTs offer.

Players sometimes cannot initially reconcile soft feel and big power together in one racquet—the BOLT—as if power couldn't exist because harsh impact shock didn't exist. That is not the case with a BOLT. A player does not have to experience pain in order to have power. If players can push through the initial unfamiliarity of the BOLT experience, as "Ed" did, and take time to feel the advantages of BOLT racquets, they'll discover that the main difference between a BOLT and a conventional racquet is, ultimately, better performance.


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