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One Big Step for BOLT, One Giant Leap for TENNIS

I'm extremely pleased to introduce the newest BOLTs. This is the second generation of BOLT racquets and our patented Zipstrip design. We've taken time to refine the technology and our racquet designs and we know our customers are going to be very happy with the results. The new level of quality is immediately apparent and even more so when a ball is struck. The BOLT racquets have come a long way and we're eager to go much further. No other racquet achieves performance characteristics like a BOLT, none. The BOLT is simply, a better racquet. Spring suspension has been pursued by racquet companies for nearly 100 years and BOLT has found a way to bring it to the modern high-performance racquet for the first time ever. We believe it's a giant step for tennis and we believe the tennis community is ready for something truly better than just a stick with strings. Brett Bothwell


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