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Racquet Quest Gives BOLT Thumbs-Up

BOLT B100.v2 - Racquet Quest technical analysis

We're extremely pleased to get a vote of approval from esteemed USRSA - Master Racquet Technician, John Gugel of Racquet Quest, LLC. Mr. Gugel has over 45 years of experience in a broad range of tennis equipment from racquet design and manufacturing to high-end customization. He's a former USRSA - "Stringer of the Year" and a two time award winner in the segment of design and innovation in racquets. In his words, he's on a "quest to find the perfect racquet".

John has not yet declared the BOLT B100.v2 the perfect racquet, but we're hoping as he and players in and around Orlando get to know them better and understand the tremendous long-term implications of the Zipstrip suspension design, he will! The next question is, "what's the best string to install in such a racquet?" For that, we're tapping Mr. Gugel's vast knowledge of strings and equipment to help us determine the answer to that question. BOLT and Racquet Quest share a common mission to optimize the playing experience for as many players as possible and to prolong that experience for as many years of fun and success as possible. We look forward to working with John as well to make sure that players get just the right string set up in their new BOLTs.

Racquet Quest technical analysis: B100.v2


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