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Healing Power of Tennis

If ever there was a time in our country and across the world that people want and need to "get out" and exercise, it's now. One of the best ways to do it is to play tennis! Of course it's most fun, and safest, to play outside in the sunshine but even indoors, tennis can be played safely with social distancing rules in place. It's considered one of the safest exercise activities by a number of authorities. A link is provided below to the USTA guidelines for playing tennis and staying safe.

For obvious reasons tennis is great for the body but it's great for the mind and for the soul too! It can simply be a terrific activity to "get away" even when you can't really get away, or it can be a life changing adventure. There are all kinds of great reasons to play and it's a particularly great option during our current pandemic isolation and it will be an even better option when the pandemic is over. Here are a few great reasons to grab a racquet:

  • Anyone can play. With appropriate equipment anyone at nearly any age can enjoy the game. From 5 to 95, you don't have to be a professional to have fun. If you're learning to play, use foam balls - see USTA link below.

  • Great exercise for your body. The quick sprints, and stops and starts of tennis are terrific for toddlers learning to balance and run around as well as seniors maintaining balance skills and staying fit.

  • Great exercise for your mind. Concentrating on the ball, keeping score, interacting with your partner or trying a new strategy, are all good examples of the mental activity tennis offers.

  • It's social! Tennis is a great way to socialize and to meet new people. It can be an easy way to assimilate in a new environment, and a terrific way for people to stay connected to their community.

  • It packs a punch! It only takes an hour of chasing down the ball to get a great workout in, to put a smile on your face (maybe a grimace or two), and to be mentally invigorated.

Tennis can be engaged in a multitude of positive healthful ways and we hope people everywhere will discover the great benefits. Check the links below for guidance and information. I know for many of us that are playing now, it's a wonderful mental refuge of sorts from the chaos of this unusual cultural moment. Choose LOVE, play TENNIS!

Links to related information:


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