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Zipstrip Tech: Removal and Customization

Two important topics are addressed here in this Zipstrip Tech video. The main topic is the removal and installation of the Zipstrips in a BOLT racquet. It's pretty dry stuff for the most part but for us tech nerds and racquet technicians, it's a good illustration of the procedure, and it gives an idea of how the Zipstrips work. The second topic is the issue of customization. Customization offers Zipstrip options for the present, but it also offers a glimpse of future Zipstrip options, and a glimpse into the future of spring suspension and racquets generally.

The fact that the Zipstrips can be replaced opens up a myriad of possibilities for customizing the performance and feel of a BOLT racquet. Weight can be added to the Zipstrip locations in order to modify the swingweight. A different type of Zipstrip can be installed in an effort to change the impact response or dwell time of the racquet. And on the rare occasion a Zipstrip is broken or wears out, the strip offers the potential to refresh and renew a racquet.

For a more complete picture of future Zipstrips, visit: Zipstrips are sold separately at


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